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Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions for some valuable answers to help in your remodel decision-making process.

Q. Should I choose granite, quartz, or another product for my countertops?

A. There are several considerations to weigh in this selection; Cost, application (where and how it will be used), appearance and environmental preference.

Granite is quarried naturally from the earth as enormous chunks of stone. Appearance and color is not necessarily uniform, as it is a natural occurrence. Granite is very durable and heavy, and can be used in areas of high usage as well as outdoors. Sealing of granite is required to resist stains. An initial look shows that granite is less expensive than quartz, but price can vary depending on the manufacturer, pattern and color.

Quartz is an engineered stone containing quartz chips, resins and pigments. Depending on the manufacturer and quality, it can be quite heat and stain resistant. There are more options of color and style since it is a man-made product. Slab sizes are smaller than granite and may require more seams in your installation. The basic price of quartz can be higher than granite.

Other Solid Surfaces include concrete, laminate, marble and man-made Corian type products.

Q. Can I install my own countertops?

A. No. We have a specialized ‘template-fabrication-installation’ process that we employ on every project. Manufacturer warranties do not apply if the products are not professionally installed.

Q. How long does it take to get my countertops ordered and installed?

A. Starting from our initial measurement or review of your specifications, the following steps are:

1) Choose your material

2) Acceptance of bid and initial deposit

3) We schedule and create a template

4) Fabrication and installation of your product occurs within 1 to 2 weeks of template.

Time will vary depending on the manufacturer and availability of your product choice.

Q. Can I get custom edges made for my countertops?

A. Yes. Below is a sample of edge choices. In addition, a chiseled or “snap-cut” natural choice is available.


Q. Where can I see samples or slabs and choose my countertop material?

A. Although there are multiple distributors in the area for Stone, Quartz and Granite, we suggest:

MSI International
18250 E 40th Ave Ste 30,  Aurora, CO 80011

Stone Collection
4210 Carson St.,  Denver, CO 80239

Galleria of Stone
12655 E. 42nd Ave. Ste. 60, Denver, CO 80239

Granite Imports
1301 S Platte River Dr. Denver, CO 80223

Pental Showroom
10000 East 40th Avenue Denver, CO 80238

Precision Stone Imports
756 S Jason St. #13,  Denver, CO 80223

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